The mission of the theatre, after all,

is to change,

to raise the consciousness of people  to their human possibilities.

Arthur Miller

Quarantine happened...

So here's the thing:

When the pandemic hit, everything changed - for the worse in most ways.  For performers, theatre and our livelihood as we knew it had ended. After months of difficult uncertainty, lethargy, and binging 'The Soprano's', it became clear that if we're going to get through this, we needed to adapt and embrace the change to make this new world the best it can be.




The focus and mission of From the Couch Theatre is to allow Creativity, Productivity, and Originality to flow from the place we all know: the Couch.

As artists it is our responsibility to adjust and flow with the changing world , as well as reflect and amplify the current state of life. Most of the world is on their couch right now, making theatre more accessible and, ironically, more difficult! And so we adjust:

From the Couch Theatre is our humble attempt to take the reins of reality and direct it towards the future of performance.

We know there has been an overload of online entertainment lately, and that's exactly why we're putting our own spin on things: all original plays, sketches, screenplays, and more! We're committed to working with a small, diverse cast of actors, our Company of Artists, whom you will get to know more and more with each performance. We are embracing the virtual stage as much as possible, meaning rather than just reading our work, we are fully performing it! Rather than only adapting already-existing stage plays with a "we're in the same room" feeling, we're making art specifically for online performance, optimized for your enjoyment! Some of our work will still have the same-room-same-stage feel, while others will be strictly online conversations - our main focus is acknowledging and playing with what we've got!

Success is what you make it, and we are making it from home.

White Brick Wall


Real, live humans! We not only perform, we add our unique minds, hearts, and souls to the mission and execution of FTC. We treat all rehearsals and performances as we would in live "in person" theatre: blocking (movement), props, circumstances, and connection - because even though we may not be in the same room, we are all in the same universe of the play. Our performances are more than just readings - they're a night out in the theatre from your home!



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From the Couch Theatre PRESENTS! Spring Elevation
Apr 23, 2021, 8:00 PM EDT
Live Streaming to our Facebook and YouTube
Live streaming to our FB & YouTube, 4 New Plays to Blossom the Mind 'Swithensby & the General' by Jess Thomas 'Disclosure' by Jack Mulcahy 'Misery & Good Fortune' by Drew Pisarra 'Gaia' by Emily Dalton

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